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Frequently Asked Questions

Association Management

What is Braden Heidner Lowe's Experience?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates (BHL) provides association management services to 19 clients. BHL also provides lobbying and PAC management to another 15 clients. In a year, our team manages 17 websites, seven political action committees, produces 50 newsletters, plans 21 annual meetings, 60 board meetings, four leadership seminars and six golf tournaments.

What is an Association Management Company?

An association management company, also known as an "AMC", is a business that provides a wide array of management services for non-profit associations, societies, foundations and other membership groups. Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates provides strategic planning, event planning, membership processing, communications (including publications and social media) and financial management for our clients. Depending on the specific needs of the organization, a client may need just one or two of these services, while some utilize full association management services.

How Does an Association Management Company Work?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates has a staff of eleven that each specialize in a field of expertise. For example, BHL has staff members with numerous years of experience providing strategic management as the executive director of organizations, QuickBooks experts in financial management, event planners and communications experts. Depending on the need of the client, one or more BHL staff members will be assigned to provide services to the client.

Why Use an Association Management Company?

For many organizations, association management companies provide a staffing model that better fits the specific needs of the organization with a lower overhead cost. Volunteer members in an organization are critical in providing guidance for the association, but are often too busy with daily life duties to perform day to day services. BHL helps take this burden off your volunteers.

Smaller Organizations

Smaller organizations with limited needs use an association management company like BHL to provide services without having to pay for a part-time employee.

Larger Organizations

Larger organizations with full association management needs use BHL to allow our staff to work in their specialty areas. In some cases, our clients have weekly labor needs of thirty hours or more, but an association management firm provides those services and relieves the association of the need to hire a full-time employee.

Specific Services

Many organizations choose BHL to address a specific need or range of services. For example, an organization may hire BHL to perform QuickBooks financial management and billing while others just hire us to plan their annual conference or golf tournament.

Is There an Advantage to Using an Association Management Company?

Absolutely. Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates has experts to work on your specific needs.

Avoid the "Jack of All Trade, Master of None" Syndrome

Associations that utilize an employee staff model often have a person that is very good at one or two specific association functions, but do not particularly enjoy or excel at other duties. BHL's staff members allow them to put the right person in the right seat on the bus. An association management model allows the expert to be in each of the needed areas.

Avoid Employment and Management Headaches and Liability

Associations that utilize an employee staff model often experience hardship as their volunteers deal with managing an employee. This forces the volunteers to deal with employment law compliance requirements, training and the costs of providing employee benefits, which are often required by law. Association management companies like BHL absorb these responsibilities, freeing our clients of these headaches.

Avoid Dramatic Transitions and Loss of Experience

Employee turnover is a natural occurrence in every organization and company. When associations that utilize an employee staff model have their sole employee leave for another job or retirement, a massive amount of information leaves with them. There is usually a significant learning curve that has to take place while training his/her replacement. This places a heavy burden on the volunteer Board of Directors. In contrast, association management models allow the client's needs to be spread amongst many staff members. If turnover occurs within BHL staff, the client's members are largely unaware because there has been no interruption of services.

Where Does BHL Provide Association Management Services?

BHL is a national firm that provides services for clients across the nation. Though BHL's offices are in Topeka and Jefferson City, today's world of technology allows BHL to provide day-to-day services remotely from our offices while still having a physical presence at meetings across the nation.

Government Affairs

What Type of Access Does BHL Have to Legislators?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates is an innovative company that has earned the respect of the Legislature. BHL has access to the individuals that make a difference.

How Does Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates Price Services?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates has a fixed management fee for each client based on services provided. Services are reevaluated annually. Through this analysis, we can also identify ways to reduce costs so that our clients' interests are maintained at reasonable rates.

How is BHL's Office Staffed?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates is open 8AM to 5PM and a member of our team is available by phone, email or in person to answer your questions in a timely manner.

How Does Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates Handle Confidentiality and Security Issues?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates takes the security and privacy of its client organizations and members very seriously. All client records are maintained in separate databases and information is never shared between clients. All records and assets belonging to our members are maintained with the utmost confidentiality.

How Many Lobbyists Does Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates Have?

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates has five qualified, motivated and passionate lobbyists. Each lobbyist brings his/her own knowledge and tools, which makes us a great fit for any of your legislative needs in the state of Kansas and at the federal level. In addition, BHL staff includes several legislative monitors, two of which are participants in our Legislative Monitor Internship Program.

What is Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates Political Position?

We are non-partisan. We understand the importance of good relationships with all legislators in order to advance your agenda and protect your interests.
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