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BHL History

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates (BHL) is a government relations and association management firm serving clients across the country. BHL has offices in multiple states, with the headquarters located in Topeka, Kansas.

The business name has changed a handful of times through the years, but BHL is the successor of Pete McGill & Associates, the original government relations firm in the State of Kansas. Over time, the firm has added specialties in association management services in Kansas and across the nation.

BHL has an experienced team of full-time staff dedicated working for our clients.

History of the Firm

1979 - Pete McGill forms Pete McGill & Associates, Inc. in Topeka, Kansas. Mr. McGill served in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1960-1977, serving as Speaker during his final four years in office.

1990 - Pete McGill & Associates, Inc. is regarded as the largest independent contract lobbying firm in the Midwest United States.

1998 - Mr. McGill sells his firm ownership to Ron Gaches, changing the name of the firm to McGill, Gaches & Associates. Ron Gaches, with an extensive corporate background, expands services to include association management.

2000 - Sandy Braden becomes a partner of Ron Gaches', becoming Gaches Braden & Associates. Sandy also came to the firm with a corporate background. Her father in law, Jim Braden served in the Kansas House from 1974-1990, serving as Speaker of the House in his last four years. Ron and Sandy continue the tradition of being one of the premier lobbying and association management firms in Kansas.

2001 - Gaches Braden & Associates purchases Barbee & Associates, a longtime government affairs and association management firm, becoming Gaches, Braden, Barbee & Associates.

2004 - Marking the retirement of George Barbee, the firm becomes Gaches Braden & Associates (GBA).

2015 - Longtime employee Scott Heidner becomes a partner of the firm. Scott brings his management skills to the leadership of GBA, taking the firm into the next generation. Sandy Braden becomes president of the firm.

2017 - Ron Gaches, after leading the firm for nearly 20 years, formally retires to pursue reducing his golf handicap.

2018 - Travis Lowe, who has worked for GBA for five years, becomes a partner of the firm. The addition also merges Lowe & Associates, LLC, an association management and government relations firm, into GBA. GBA renames itself Braden, Heidner Lowe & Associates.

2018 - Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates opens an office in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Braden Heidner Lowe & Associates is ready to assist clients across the country with their goals in government relations and association management with a dynamic team of professionals ready to meet the challenges in today's marketplace.
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